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  1. Can I add a detail to the upload?

  2. Can I choose where I need the files to be uploaded to my Google Drive™?

  3. Can I receive notifications when someone submits a file?

  4. Can I request an email address as obligatory information before each upload?

  5. Can I set access rights (Permission to view) on the uploaded documents?

  6. Can I try the service for free?

  7. Can set my DriveUploader to accept only selected file types?

  8. Changes between plans

  9. Drive Uploader and Google Drive™.

  10. How can I add a logo to my uploader?

  11. How can I embed my DriveUploader into my website?

  12. How can I remove the advertisement on my upload page?

  13. How to allow multiple files at once during upload?

  14. How to ask for more information within the uploader?

  15. How to cancel the trial subscription?

  16. How to change address on my invoice?

  17. How to change the email address connected with my DriveUploader account?

  18. How to create an uploader?

  19. How to save the uploaded files to a different folder for each of my Uploaders

  20. How to share a created uploader?

  21. How to upload files to the Google Shared/Team Drive?

  22. How to upload folders?

  23. How to upload in Google Drive?

  24. How to use a discount code?

  25. I need to cancel the subscription, how can I do it?

  26. I need to change my billing address.

  27. I need to change the credit-card number, because it expired.

  28. iFrame doesn't work on my website. It says "Embedding of this upload form is not allowed!”

  29. Is Drive Uploader HIPAA compliant?

  30. Is it possible to upload folders?

  31. Is there any size limit on the files that users can upload to my Google Drive™ through DriveUploader?

  32. We need a mass video upload to Google Drive™. Do we need FTP client?

  33. What is the expiration date of the uploader? Can I set it?

  34. What languages ​​can I choose on Google Drive™?

  35. What types of fields can I use in a form builder?

  36. Where can I find an uploader key?

  37. Where can I find information about Terms of service and Privacy?

  38. Where can I find invoices?

  39. Where can I find the collected data from the form?

  40. Where can I find the name and email information provided before uploading?

  41. Where can I find the uploaded files in my Google Drive™?

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