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Changes between plans

There are several possibilities that can occur when changing plans based on which plan you have currently activated.

From PLUS billed monthly to PRO billed monthly
The proportion you have already used will be deducted from your current plan. 

  • You have already used the PLUS plan for 15 days. Using the formula (15 days used / 30 days total for the monthly subscription) * monthly subscription price = the amount you have not yet used this month.
  • Therefore, the price of the PRO monthly plan will be reduced by the amount you did not use on the PLUS plan. The additional amount will be charged to your card immediately.
  • Your next payment will be charged at the end of the paid period, in this case after 15 days. Then you will already pay the full amount for the PRO plan for the next 30 days.
As you can see in this example, you will not pay anything extra for this change compared to the original prices. So you can upgrade from a monthly to a monthly plan at any time.

The same logic applies to changing from an annual PLUS plan to an annual PRO plan. The prorated portion used is only calculated from the 360 days.

From PLUS billed monthly to PLUS/PRO billed yearly
In this case, the subscription period is changed. It is therefore not possible to use the same calculation as in the previous example.

  • You have already used the PLUS plan billed monthly for 15 days.
  • When you subscribe for a PLUS or PRO plan billed yearly your previous subscription will be terminated with no compensation for the remaining unused part of it.
  • You will pay the full amount for the new plan immediately and will be activated for 1 year.
Downgrade to FREE
  • If you decide to terminate your subscription, which we are very sorry about, your subscription will not be terminated until you have completed your paid month or annual subscription.

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