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DriveUploader Support

Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started 

    1. Can I try the service for free?
    2. How to create an uploader?
    3. How to share a created uploader?
    4. How to upload in Google Drive?
    5. Is there any size limit on the files that users can upload to my Google Drive™ through DriveUploader?
  2. File Management 

    1. Can I choose where I need the files to be uploaded to my Google Drive™?
    2. Where can I find the uploaded files in my Google Drive™?
    3. How to save the uploaded files to a different folder for each of my Uploaders
    4. Can I set access rights (Permission to view) on the uploaded documents?
    5. Where can I find the name and email information provided before uploading?
  3. Integration 

    1. How can I embed my DriveUploader into my website?
    2. iFrame doesn't work on my website. It says "Embedding of this upload form is not allowed!”
    3. We need a mass video upload to Google Drive™. Do we need FTP client?
    4. Where can I find an uploader key?
  4. Customization 

    1. How can I add a logo to my uploader?
    2. How to allow multiple files at once during upload?
    3. Can I request an email address as obligatory information before each upload?
    4. Can set my DriveUploader to accept only selected file types?
    5. How is the validity of DriveUploader link? Can I adjust it?
  5. Payment & Account 

    1. How to change the email address connected with my DriveUploader account?
    2. I need to cancel the subscription, how can I do it?
    3. I need to change the credit-card number, because it expired.
    4. I need to change my billing address.
    5. Where can I find invoices?
  6. Security & Privacy 

    1. Is Drive Uploader HIPAA compliant?
    2. Where can I find information about Terms of service and Privacy?

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