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How to upload files to the Google Shared/Team Drive?

If your co-workers or colleagues need to access the uploaded files, it is very convenient to upload the files to Google Shared/Team Drive. Thanks to this, all users who have the appropriate rights on the selected Google Shared/Team Drive will be able to manage the files.

DriveUploader allows all users who have an activated PRO plan to use this function. 

Setting Google Shared/Team Drive as a destination for the uploaded files

During the creation of the uploader, you can easily set a shared destination for the files.

  • Open advanced settings of the uploader

  • Click on the "SELECT TEAMDRIVE" button and select a correct account in the context menu
  • NOTE: It is necessary to select the SAME account with which you are currently logged in to DriveUploader so that all shared drives for this account are displayed correctly!
  • Then you can select the desired folder on your Google Shared/Team Drive

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