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How to share a created uploader?

There are several ways how you can share your uploaders.

Generated link

Once you create the uploader, you can share directly the generated link to the uploader. Visit the My uploaders page and select the selected uploader by clicking on its name. Now you can use the "Copy link" button, which will save the link to the selected uploader to your clipboard and you can share it.

Send via Email

You can also send the email with the link included directly from the selected uploader page - when you click on its name on the My uploaders page. Just click on "Email" and overwrite the suggested text and address.

Integrate Drive Uploader into your website, blog or application

If you have purchased a PLUS plan, you have the option to embed the Drive Uploader very easily on your site using Embedding.

In addition, if you need to customize the Drive Uploader directly to your needs, you can use the PRO plan, which allows you to use the JavaScript API for integration on your site.

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